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With our 13 years of experience, there isn't a job that is TOO BIG or TOO SMALL. We offer services in both areas of Removal of old or unwanted tubs and Delivery of new or used tubs. A basic overview and pricing of our standard jobs can be found below. Some job sites require additional equipment or crew members to guarantee a removal or delivery. All jobs will be quoted free and fairly before any agreement is made.


Our removals of old, unwanted, or sold tubs can vary based on the orientation/location of the tub. Meaning, if the tub is on a patio vs. an elevated deck. A STANDARD REMOVAL is priced at $750


Our standard delivery entails moving a new or used tub from one site to another within 20 miles (patio to patio). However, deliveries for distances further than 20 miles or in more a difficult location are always available (prices may vary). A STANDARD DELIVERY is priced at $600.



Pad Installation

Custom pads can be made of limestone, granite, gravel, or any other material at the owner's request.
Sizing can vary from 7X7-10x10.
A standard PAD INTALLATION is priced at $1,500
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